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August 3, 2021


August 3, 2021

Scientific Founder, Prof Antonio Bertoletti Appointed as Cellular Immunotherapy Infectious Diseases Lead for Singhealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre

SINGAPORE – August 03, 2021 – Lion TCR is pleased to announce that Scientific Founder & Chairman, Professor Antonio Bertoletti has been appointed as Cellular Immunotherapy Infectious Diseases Lead for Singhealth Duke-NUS Cell Therapy Centre (SDCT).

SDCT, established in September 2020, is an integrated centre that provides Cell, Tissue and Gene Therapy (CTGT) research and education as well as clinical trials and services. Bringing together the strengths and expertise of healthcare professionals from various clinical specialties of SingHealth hospitals and national specialty centres, the Centre aims to enhance patient care by improving diagnostics, therapeutics, research and health outcomes.

The Centre will also focus on formulating and coordinating cluster-wide Research and Development (R&D) activities pertaining to the development of novel CTGT products and associated technologies.  SDCT will work with the Advanced Cell Therapy Research Institute, Singapore (ACTRIS) & Regenerative Medicine Institute of Singapore (REMEDIS). and closely coordinate efforts with Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and international stakeholders to establish Singapore as the hub of CTGT for the region.

As a Cellular Immunotherapy Infectious Diseases Lead, Professor Antonio will be

a) Overseeing translational work and/or clinical trials and real-world patient treatment in Cellular Immunotherapy in infectious diseases;

b) Participating and facilitating local and international Cellular Immunotherapy conferences, seminars and workshops organized by SDCT;

c) Participating in and facilitating Cellular Immunotherapy-related grants involving SDCT; and

d) Overseeing database for infectious diseases cellular immunotherapy trials and real-world patients.

For more information: https://www.singhealth.com.sg/patient-care/specialties-services/cell-therapy-centre