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March 30, 2019


March 30, 2019

Local breakthrough research in liver cancer - Cell reprogramming can kill tumors

Local breakthrough research has shown the capability of cells to eliminate malignant tumors induced by hepatitis B after cellular reprogramming.  


In this study, autologous T cells from two patients with recurrence of HCC post liver transplantation were engineered to express TCRs specific for epitopes expressed from HBV-DNA in patients’ metastases. The treatment was well tolerated without notable adverse events in these two patients. Importantly, in one patient, 5 of 6 pulmonary metastases decreased in volume during the 1-year period of T-cell administration. This encouraging clinical data was published in Gastroenterology (Tan et al,2019).


The research was conducted in collaboration with Duke-National University ofSingapore School of Medicine (Duke-NUS), Singapore General Hospital, and LionTCR.  - Lianhe Zaobao