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December 9, 2020


December 9, 2020

Lion TCR COO Dr Tina Wang’s sharing at Phar-East Asia's Pharma & Biotech Festival 2020

SINGAPORE – December 09, 2020 – Lion TCR announces an oral presentation by Chief Operating Officer, Dr Tina Wang, at Phar-East Asia's Pharma & Biotech Festival on 8 Dec 2020 (SGT) (Oral presentation title: HBV-specific TCR-T Cell Therapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma). This presentation covered key clinical safety data of Lion TCR’s lead product, LioCyx-M, autologous HBV-specific TCR T cells, inpatients with advanced HCC (NCT03899415) and HCC relapse post liver transplantation (NCT02719782). Durable clinical response and prolonged overall survival was also observed in advanced HCC patients who failed at least one prior systemic treatment.

Dr Tina Wang, COO said, “It was an honor to be invited to share the latest clinical developments of Lion TCR as well as promising clinical data from our completed Phase 1 studies at the Phar-East Asia Conference. We are very pleased to announce that our LioCyx-M treatment has achieved almost two times longer overall survival time of 33.6 months as compared to standard-of-care treatment in advanced HCC patients.”  Dr Tina led a distinguished career in oncology spanning over 20 years, and successfully led the global clinical development of both autologous and allogenic CD30. CAR-T cells therapy for lymphoma patients at Tessa Therapeutics. At Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific, she led the Asia Pacific Oncology Team for the successful pre-launch and launch of VENTANA PD-L1 assays.

Strategically located in Singapore, Lion TCR’s GMP facility is well equipped to support high-quality manufacturing of T-cell products for multinational clinical trial use and future commercialization needs. Lion TCR’s proprietary TCR-T cells are engineered by mRNA technology which effectively eliminates the long-term toxicities concern given the transient expression of the TCR in these T-cells. Lion TCR is also currently expanding its pipeline to cover other viral-related diseases caused by Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection.


About Lion TCR
Lion TCR is a Singapore based clinical-stage biotechnology company, focused on the development of T cell receptor (TCR)-T cell therapy against life-threatening viral infections and viral-related cancers pertinent in Asia.

About LioCyx-M
LioCyx-M, including several well-established product derivatives, are autologous T cells modified to express HBV-specific TCR. These modified T cells have been shown to be able to lyse HBV-infected HCC cells upon target recognition in in vivo pre-clinical studies and inpatients (Koh et al, Mol. Ther. Nucleic Acids, 2013; Kah et al, J.Clin. Invest., 2017; Tan et al, Gastroenterology 2019).