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Research Specialist (Research & Development Team)

We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join the Research & Development (R&D) Team as a Research Specialist. The Research Specialist will perform preclinical development research work on new products in our discovery pipeline, and participate in clinical sample analysis from our upcoming clinical trials. The R&D team is dynamic and works closely with both academic partners on research collaborations, as well as Lion TCR’s Technology & Manufacturing team and Clinical team to bring our novel cell therapy products to the clinic.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·      Perform lab research tasks for preclinical development projects and discovery platform projects, including in vitro molecular and cellular assays.

·      Perform tasks associated with clinical sample analysis, including sample processing and analysis.

·      Plan experiments, draft protocols, analyse and organize data, generate reports and communicate progress to team and R&D Director.

·      Keep accurate and detailed documentation associated with research activities (e.g. research data, protocols, inventories).

·      Contribute to data collation for presentations, written reports, scientific manuscripts etc.

·      Contribute ideas for R&D improvements by keeping up with scientific and technology advancements.

·      Liaise with Technology & Manufacturing Team, Clinical Team, external vendors and collaborators to ensure smooth transfer of material and information.

·      Maintain research laboratory equipment, inventory and coordinate ordering of supplies.

·      Demonstrate flexibility to support other activities within and outside the department.


·      Bachelor’s Degree in Life Science / BiologicalScience / Biotechnology / Bioengineering or related field.

·      Must have 1 to 2 years’ experience in basicbiology lab skills, cell culture and aseptic techniques.

·      Previous experience with primary human cellculture, cell-based and molecular assays (e.g. flow cytometry, qPCR) is highlypreferred.

·      Previous experience with clinical samples and/orin vivo animal work is a plus.

·      Comfortable in a fast-paced environment andwilling to work a flexible shift as and when required.

·      Strong sense of responsibility and able to workindependently without supervision and collaboratively as part of a team.

·      Excellent interpersonal, verbal and writtencommunication skills.